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Active Jazz in seara asta la Bluzz

Jazz activist jam *** open session till late *** Thursday 30 apr *** international jazz day (unesco) *** joi la 8 oo pm Advertisements

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Neutralitate față de conflictul din Ucraina – Miting

Dacă România dorește maximizarea puterii (poporului), își asumă neutralitatea. Orice politician care intră în jocul american anti-rus este un nebun inconștient. Nu doar pentru că puterea armată a forțelor și faptele istorice îți sugerează acest lucru, ci și pentru că … Continue reading

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Easter Question – Intrebare de Paste pentru crestini

My dear Christian friends, Easter has just passed, it was totally awesome, Really astonishing euphoric ceremony, grateful for that, Still, need to ask you this question, fresh in my mind: If Lord Jesus is the way, truth and the life, … Continue reading

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Who can explain the anti-American American media

Originally posted on Law of Markets:
There was a time I could understand what is going on in politics. I wouldn’t necessarily agree, but I could follow it. But what has me utterly mystified is the negotiations between the Americans…

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