His Majesty The Emperor of Remainia presents:

There is absolutely no link between referendum and democracy.

Because there’s no such time in which one can call on any other referendum.

On: Mr Johnson, Ms May, The British Government, UN, or, God forbid, Her Majesty the Queen.

If you wanna start cleaning up your life by choosing EU as point of departure, please check your psychyatrist.

How democratic is to forget that you have been served a pack of lies by the advocating party during the time of preparation for the referendum?

The public can now understand that present voting system is useless and each should find a partipative democracy in which his vote is more meaningful.

Current system is actually worse than lottery. Public always choose for the Barabas. There are mostly Brutuses there on those benches. Honest people are trying to stay out of the mess.

Я1 (pronounced ‘Al’ from Alexander) is the logo of the Anarchist International and represents the inverted IR (International Relations), suggesting anarchism’s application to different levels of society. Combining Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian it reads as ALADDIN (‘all addin’), the average man’s mastering of its fate. It is an extraction from world’s culture, the Islam, and its most popular feat, the Arabian Nights; The „Я” sign symbolizes the Sun, as it incapsulates both R and A, referencing to ancient Egypt’s monotheism. It is inspired by Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance theory, which leads to identification of the Sun as the main influence on Earth’s morphic field. Full name is
‘Яlяddin Яl Яimяniя’

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