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Eduard Jak Neumann, planetosaur, poetmusician, saxophonist, creative improviser and three of the most gracious of his friends are sending you an invitation to enjoy

Eduard Jak Neumann Quartet
Dan Alex Mitrofan-guit
Csabi Santa-doublebass
Tavi Scurtu- drums

For most Romanians today the fall of the Iron Curtain represents the most important
historical moment of their life, yet it is regarded with a mixture of anger, shame and
hopelessness rather than any relief. But there remains the memory of the euphoric hope
that sparked one nation, there were crowds of hundreds of thousands chanting forbidden
songs and prayers and asking for Freedom. Freedom! Freedom! Here’s to the freedom
to be found in the silence of one’s loneliness. It cannot be found in a market, not even in Europe.
Symbol of secrecy and division, the curtain didn’t just fall, but it was busted by an angry mob

Surprise Sequence – album review by Florian Lungu

This set of recordings means the materialization of four young Romanian musicians’ feelings and personalities. Their indisputable creative talent wittily gives way to complementary yet convergent states of mind: inquisitiveness vs. self assurance, introversion vs. febrile, explosive exteriorization and silent sobriety vs. avalanching exuberance. The overflow of musical ideas painted here on the sound canvas impresses and surprises with its supple, bold, airy and lack-of-constraints manner, breathing natural feeling.

Project manager and writer of the included material, saxophonist and clarinetist mastering the technique and expression methods of his instruments (born in Tulcea on November the 20th 1974, affirmed in the concerts and recordings of his bands „Blazzaj”, „Baumann”, with British musicians – „Eddie Neumann Quintet” and „Electric Vulcans”, also with international collaborators – „No Compromise” led by David Yengibarian, member of the „Jazz Unit” led by Lucian Ban and „Orient Express” led by Harry Tavitian, having frequented Great Britain since 2001 and begun a Masters’ Degree in Jazz Studies at the National Music University in Bucharest in 2010), the „elder” Eduard Jak Neumann found valuable partners consistent with his musical desires in his three younger teammates from Timisoara, all of them proving a maturity and an interplay-generating capacity that surpasses their age! Thus, guitarist Dan Alex „Bozo” Mitrofan, an awarded composer, validates his creative skills, whereas double-bass player Csaba Santa and drummer Tavi Scurtu (the latter being lately very much in demand on the music scene) exceed their role of rhythm section members of the quartet. Plentiful, discursive improvisation areas built upon developing layers controlled by a native sound sense give shape to a feeling of greatness offering music lovers the time needed to sediment their impressions.

In fact, the listener has a choice of either to acknowledge the stated programmatic nature of the music (aimed at the the fall of the Iron Curtain two decades ago, which marked the country’s passing into a new era, the fourth tune bearing witness to this with quotes of the Romanian Anthem), or simply to benefit in abstract form, according to one’s associative imagination, of the suggestive sound ambient, rich in nuances, in shades of voice colors, original as language (we could speak of post-bop modernism with inserts of free), able to conquer by distinctive honesty.

Therefore, „Curtainbust” is a more than interesting contemporary jazz CD, an album that eloquently consecrates the authenticity of a new combo in the landscape of Romanian jazz. Enjoy!

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